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Just download RightCall onto your mobile for a unique dial screen that routes your calls over a low cost network. That means you avoid the expensive access charges. Premium lines cost as little as 7p a minute, instead of 40p or more.

RightCall app is free to download, easy to use, and easy to add credit to make calls. Use it for any UK mobile or landline including premium lines starting 084, 087, 09 and 118. Save up to 80%.

You can also use it to make cheap calls using your own SIM number when your plan or bundle has used up all the low-cost minutes.

You see the cost before you call and there are no codes, no contracts and no hidden costs.

How does RightCall work?

RightCall is an app designed to save your call cost. Simple, smart and practical – this will revolutionise the way you call.

See how much you can save

Example  Cost per min RightCall per min YOU SAVE on a 10 minute call
Access charge on premium numbers 44p (EE) 7p £3.70
Phoning your mum when the cheap minutes in your monthly plan have finished 45p (Vodafone) 0p £4.50
Calling your friend's mobile when your PAYG plan is out of bundle 45p (O2) 0p £4.50
Calling anyone when your SIM has a zero balance Tough luck! 0p Priceless

All costs exclusive of service charge


Download the app and activate. It’s quick, easy and free.



Add credit of £5 or more with PayPal or a card.



Use the RightCall dial screen to make cheaper UK calls.

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