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UK holidaymakers face phone bill misery as top holiday brands and mobile phone companies cash in with premium rate numbers

Travelodge, Premier Inn and Thomas Cook among list of guilty travel companies cashing in from premium rate numbers for customer bookings and enquiries

London, UK – 26th May, 2016

RightCall, a fair telecoms campaigner, has today announced that UK consumers are being stung by mobile phone companies and top holiday brands using premium numbers for bookings and enquiries. These brands include airlines and airports, travel agents, train lines, ferry crossings, car rentals and hotel groups. Yet, despite Government legislation introduced in June 2014 that effectively bans these businesses from using non-geographic numbers to service existing customers, consumers are still being stung by premium rate numbers in use within the travel industry.

Although most travel companies have now moved to Freephone and standard-rate 0345- numbers for existing customers, new customers can still suffer inflated phone bills and hidden costs when planning and booking their breaks. For example, a booking call to Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) could cost you more than £7 before you've even spoken to an operator.

RightCall’s independent research shows consumers are confused by the charges for calling different numbers. They don’t always know which numbers are free or local rate and are unaware that some calls are potentially costing them a fortune.

The travel companies that RightCall has identified as using premium rate numbers for some bookings and enquiries include:


City Jet
City Wing
Eastern Airways
Scandinavian Airlines
United Airways


Gatwick Airport
Heathrow Airport
Manchester Airport
Bristol Airport

Car Rentals

Hertz Car Rentals

Cruises / Ferries

P&O Cruises
Stena Line
Direct Ferries
DFDS Seaways  


Premier Inn

Train Companies

Cross Country Trains
Great Western Railway

Travel Operators

Thomas Cook
First Choice
Holidays Please
Sun Ray Holidays
Shearings Holidays
Travelbag Ltd
Premier Holidays

“Everyone looks forward to their holidays, but coming home to a massive phone bill can really taint the experience,” said Naufal Zamir, CEO of RightCall. “Many consumers don’t even realise they’re calling expensive premium numbers, let alone that they could be paying more than 50 pence per minute for the privilege until they receive their phone bill some days or even weeks later. The underlying problem is not the service charge paid to the travel companies, which is well advertised by the company you are calling – a welcome result of the new Ofcom regulations. What makes it extortionate most of the time is the access charge that mobile companies charge on top.”

RightCall has created an app to address mobile companies’ extortionate access charge fees. According to independent research 3 the total service charge forecasted for 2015-2016 is approximately £365m. RightCall predicts the associated access charge by mobile operators could be as much as £2bn.

Zamir added: “It is quite outrageous that the middlemen – the companies who control the telecoms infrastructure – get away with charging an 800% mark-up. Ofcom was spot-on in introducing the latest July 2015 regulations to clarify the call charges for consumer, but it should have also restricted the mobile networks from setting extortionate access charges. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to any travel company about how we can work together to help them help their customers save money”

About RightCall

RightCall is a calling service which enables consumers to save money on their phone bills. It is primarily available via mobile app, but can also be accessed through the website for landline and 2nd generation mobile phones (

RightCall makes sure that consumers get the best possible price for a phone call, whether calling out-of-bundle or premium rate non-geographic numbers. In some cases, phone users are completely unaware how much these calls are costing them. RightCall brings transparency and helps save money.

RightCall is the brainchild of Naufal Zamir, a London-based entrepreneur with over a decade’s experience in telecoms services designed to make phoning more affordable and costs more fair and transparent. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion has seen his company Zamir Telecom ranked amongst the fastest growing UK tech companies in the Sunday Times’ Tech Track 100 in both 2011 and 2012.

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